B / 1980 in Yaoundé, Cameroon

Location / lives and works in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Education / BA Philosophy / BA Fine Arts

Field / Aesthetics / Concepts

Style / Conceptual Art / Enterprise Art / Screengaze / Etherealpunk / Afrofuturism 

Medium / Staedtler Mars Carbon lead 0.5mm / Prismacolor Premier colored pencil / Winsor & Newton Artisan water mixable oil colour / vellum / cotton and linen canvas / office supplies / home décor

Themes/Motifs / violent beauty / the creative warrior / the internal dictator / techno-less innovation / somatic-self / the adaptively-agile individual / vantage point grid

Summary / Jeremy's interests have mostly centered around the human mind and body beginning at an early age with a keen interest in the fields of logic and competitive athletics—especially American football. After sustaining a serious sports injury while at the university he turned his attention to abstract thought in the form of studies in the fields of Philosophy and Conceptual Arts. He would later refocus his attention back to the human body through a series of both formal and private studies in Bodywork, Nutrition and Biomechanics; favoring an overall Somatic approach to the Health discipline. Hobbies include: recording music, anaerobic exercise, film analysis, blockchain research, anime & comics, people watching/socializing.