Overarching Structure / The Dahnke enterprise is a multi-platform aesthetic project designed to be presented as a series of four distinct constituent projects, each illustrating simple yet critical steps in the process towards creative self empowerment of the individual. The steps are delineated as follows:

1 / cultivation of the creative faculty

The rise to creative empowerment originates with invoking the creative mindset. Shifting our gaze inwards towards an individual’s consciousness, we begin our enterprise with an investigation into the realm of ideas, feelings, thoughts, perceptions, creative potential, and the nature of reality. Taken altogether these areas of internal experience are illustrated via the grey matter project.

2 / application to action

Once our internal nature has been thoroughly investigated and illustrated, we turn our gaze externally toward an individual’s creative expression—to how one presents themselves and forms a characteristically unique individual identity through their actions. This aspect of creative development is expressed through the series of portraits that make up the readymade roulette project.

3 / creative interaction

After exploring the entirety of an individual’s creative abilities, both internal and external aspects, we set our gaze upon “the other” and how we respond to and interact with other entities, individuals and objects alike. In American society which is Caucasian majority, patriarchal leaning, the other—more specifically—are: racial minorities, women, foreigners, elders, youth and animals to name a few. This focuses our attention to how individuals can creatively interact with other individuals from marginalized society and subculture, the predominant subject of the blackgold project.

4 / integration & elevation

Finally, upon completion of our investigations into the individual’s personal and interpersonal creative abilities, we now soften the focus of our gaze from individual entities, to rise up to a bird's-eye-view of the situation at hand. From these elevated heights we can now obtain a more broad vantage point of how all entities can work together as a whole to navigate and recreate the world and its system of values. This ultimate integration, approached as a comprehensive system of values—abstract, practical, ethical and aesthetic—is an application of the abilities developed in our previous projects to the needs and issues of everyday life. This new value system is presented as the formation of a robust ideology that is designed to produce a steady stream of ceaseless beauty and creativity in all aspects of life—the task at hand in the project called polymathic aestheticism.

Individual Constituents /